Our Pastors

I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. –Jer. 3:15

First Presbyterian Church has been served by a number of pastors in our more than 150 years of praising, praying, serving, calling and shaping disciples of Jesus Christ.

Samuel M. Templeton, 1856-1867               William Baldwin, 1867-1869






Robert C. Colmery, 1869-1871          John O. Hough, 1871-1893

R C Colmery


Robert K. Porter, 1893-1898                                 Walter M. Irwin, 1899-1901


Franklin C. Everitt, 1901-1907                    George H. Silvius, 1907-1914






William H. Gleiser, 1915-1919       J. Rodger Sillars, 1919-1921

William A Gleiser

William M. Clark, 1922-1929        Edwin G. Meister, 1929-1934


Charles T. Doolittle, 1935-1938                                Marvin T. Murphy, 1939-1940





Ward D. McCabe, 1941-1943                           Wilbur B. Allen, 1944-1946


E. C. Pires, 1947-1952                         Hayward H. McCollough, 1953-1957


Donald Crannell, 1958-1961                 Charles E. Hendricks, 1962-1971

Jack N. Porter, 1972-1991             Mark Strothmann, 1992-1998


Carol J. Maher, 1999-2004                      Stephen Whitaker, 2006-2009


Paul Q. Kucera, 2011-2015